Cartagena: A Beautiful Caribbean Region in Columbia by Richard Uzelac

Once in a while, we pay a visit to Alexandria’s country home- Columbia. Before anything else, let me tell you about Columbia. Columbia is a country in the northwestern part of South America and has a coastline on the pacific ocean, Caribbean sea, and Atlantic ocean.

Cartagena is located on the northern tip of Columbia, thus located on the Caribbean coast. It’s a tropical place and a port city and that’s what even makes it hotter. The official language of the country is Spanish. The Caribbean region of Colombia is the most diverse in the region because it is considered the only tri-racial region, composed of African Colombians, the indigenous people, and the “Pardo” predominantly Spanish or European. 

Some Facts about Columbia

The country has a tropical climate with two well-defined seasons: the dry season, from December to May, and the wet season, from June to November. It is mostly sunny with an average temperature of 30°C all year round. Some months of the year can be very humid with a temperature of over 40°C, while others can be slightly cooler than usual at around 25°C.

Colombia’s Capital City: Bogota 

Other major cities are Medellin and Cali currencies:

Currencies: Peso 

Major religions in the country: Catholic Christianity followed by over 80% of the population. The majority of the population is also Christian but other religions are also represented in the country, like Islam and Judaism.

The major holiday in Colombia is a religious celebration called ‘fiestas’

Cartagena, Columbia by Richard Uzelac

The city is famous for its colonial architecture, built during the 18th century in fortified bastions surrounded by thick walls. There is that one of the famous monuments of the city, is the church of La Popa, which is located on top of a mountain overlooking the city and is one of its most famous buildings; the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, with its famous dungeons and impressive defensive system; and the old centre of the city, known as the walled city which includes the world-famous plaza de Los Coches. Another very important attraction in Columbia is the Gold Museum which is home to a collection of pre-Columbian gold works, which are among the world’s most valuable pieces of art.

“We had so much in Cartagena and  I love coming back to this place all the time. Cartagena has a very colourful and vibrant culture due to its diverse population, which consists of several different ethnic groups. In the early morning hours after a long night of partying, you wake up late, step outside and feel the salty air blowing in from the Caribbean. You buy some tropical fruit from a smiling lady wearing a vibrant, colourful dress and embark upon your day with it. Your mood is elevated by the abundant supply of Vitamin D. You have a lot of things planned for your time off the beach that you are sure will fulfil your adventurous side as well as satisfy your need for some relaxation. As you enter the crowded market area, your senses are stimulated by all the sights, sounds, and smells. You see brightly coloured fruits, vegetables, and fish piled high; you hear the laughter of children playing as they chase each other through the stalls selling souvenirs; and you smell the delicious aroma of freshly cooked meats cooking in the outdoor food stalls. This place is like no other!”

Richard Uzelac

One of the things I love about Cartagena is the variety of activities you can do here. If you are into history or want to learn more about it, there are many historical museums you can visit where you can learn the history of this fascinating region, like Museo del Oro Zenu, Museo Historico de Cartagena de Indias, and Galeon Bucanero

If shopping is more your thing, you will love spending time exploring the markets to find unique items you can’t get anywhere else.

Bocagrande Plaza Mall

Mallplaza Cartagena – El Castillo

Bazurto Market

Centro Comercial La Serrezuela

 If you enjoy the outdoors and being out in nature, there are a lot of beautiful beaches where you can enjoy a day in the sun or go for a swim in the ocean. Here are some beautiful beaches I’d recommend exploring in this beautiful Caribbean city.  

Playa Castillo Grande

Playa de Bocagrande

Isla Baru

Beaches Cartagena Plaza

During our visit to Cartagena, Columbia, we got to check out what Colombia has to offer: The country has a diverse population, which makes this place even more interesting! There are many things to do in Cartagena and the best spots to visit when you’re here. You can travel along its stunning coast and take a trip up the stunning Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range or relax with soothing beauty in the Las Piedras waterfall–all without leaving the city of Cartagena!

Whether it’s your first trip to Colombia or you’ve already been here and want to come back, there are many things to do in Cartagena. The city is full of things ranging from museums and international markets to parks and beaches. As the arrival of Spanish long before, Cartagena attracts many interesting history buffs–like me! There is something for everyone here.

-Richard Uzelac

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