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Santa Cruz Ocean Blow Hole by Richard Uzelac

Richard Uzelac’s Photography and Travel Blog Introduction

“Hi There Everyone! I’d like to welcome you to my travel and photography blog! The goal here is to offer something meaningful, insightful, beautiful, fun and thought provoking. I agree that it may just end up self-serving and trivial, so we are both going to have to take that risk! Ha ha!” – Richard Uzelac

Blog Goals by Richard Uzelac

For those that got this far… 🙂 Maybe this is why I’ve never wrote a book by now; I don’t exactly know where to begin. This travel and photography blog can be enclosed and trivial or it could be much more, it could be meaningful. It is easy to be meaningful for me. I get to pick the images, stories and adventures I present and I guess there is something wonderful, cathartic and meaningful for ME in that but how does that benefit YOU?

My goal is to make this meaningful for you as well as me, then I’ve done something ‘good’ and positive in the world. Ad Dr. Jordan Peterson says, (and I paraphrase) ” Do something meaningful with your life. It is a way to deal with the Chaos and Suffering we all experience in this world. Start by taking care of yourself, then your family and friends, and then your community, your country and the world.”

So that is my grand goal for this blog, to make it meaningful and positive in the world and provide this to the people that take the time to read it. Whether or not anyone outside of a handful of family and friends ever read this is certainly debatable. And if more read it, it is even more debatable, or better yet, improbable that they will find meaning in my writings and images.

The Photos

The photos are a key to all of this. They are a symbolic representation of my travels and life. Picking the correct ones and presenting them here is the key to this blog. Just describing the travels without photos would make the experience all the less impactful for readers. But having photos will stimulate the visual cognition of the story as it is revealed in the written word. “A photo is worth a thousand words” is certainly true here and maybe quite a bit understated. I believe the correct picture is worth a hundred thousand words of nuance and information.

Ah, but picking the correct image is turning out to be quite nerve wracking for me. I am obsessing with the decision for each and every story I am planning on. Hopefully my brain will rewire to the point where my decisions on images is light speed fast and quite accurate to a great degrees. Quality in, quality out. At least this is my photos goal.

The Stories and Observations

“Every picture tells a story,” as the saying goes. Some of those stories are mundane, but some can be truly profound, insightful, thoughtful, exciting, dynamic, and life changing. I’m going to endevour to do the later, duh.

How much time I put into each will be variable as some stories are short and targeted and others may be general and project a flood lamp on my life.

I’m so excited to be working on this little blog and seeing how this goes!


Richard Uzelac