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“Who Doesn’t Like Travel and Photography? Since I have thousands of images I thought it helpful to posts some of my best images and create stories around them. I hope you enjoy.  Feel free to read my Life Bio or my Chronological Bio. Be happy. May you have a blessed day!” – Richard Uzelac

Richard Uzelac’s Photos

“Photos and Photography has been my passion for all my life. I think I’ve owned a hundred cameras over the years. I have thousands upon thousands of travel photos both inside and outside of the USA. Here are some that I find beautiful or otherwise meaningful to me. I hope you enjoy them!” said Richard Uzelac

Richard Uzelac’s Stories

“Every picture has a story and that story is special for the photographer. I somehow am available to remember the backstory of all my favorite or meaningful images that I have taken. Some are important for their beauty, and some are important for what was going on in my life when I took the shot. My goal is to be relate-able for my visitors and they can learn something from my stories, ” Richard Uzelac added.

Richard Uzelac’s Life Lessons

“While every picture has a story, hopefully every picture has a lesson to be learned, maybe not in all cases, I grant you that, but hopefully most of them will. It is my goal to share this lesson with you for your own awareness,” Richard Uzelac state.

Richard Uzelac’s Future Adventures

“I’m over sixty now. Time is moving on. While I’m still able, I want to roam the world and see all I can see in m bucket list. My bucket list is not written down. I believe as I build out this blog, a meaningful bucket list will evolve for me that may help you as well. The key is to build your OWN bucket list. Maybe your list is to see all Asian countries in the world. Maybe it is to see all fifty states before you are gone. Maybe yours is to build an adventure van and drive and see the best America has to offer. Your heritage may be important to you and you may want to visit the countries of your ancestors that brought you into the world. Or is it natural beauty and diversity that drives you? Or the islands of the world? Or places of great invention? Whatever it is , let it be YOURS and yours alone, before you go,” added Richard Uzelac.

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