Experiencing Luxury: Our Unforgettable Time at Ritz-Carlton, Santa Barbara by Richard Uzelac

moonlight view in ritz carlton santa barbara by richard uzelac

Imagine a picturesque getaway to the Ritz-Carlton, Santa Barbara, California, with my dear wife, Alexandria. The anticipation and excitement were palpable as we embarked on this luxurious adventure. The thought of spending quality time with family in such a breathtaking location while building our business was truly heartwarming.

Upon arrival, we were immediately captivated by the grandeur of the Ritz-Carlton. The ambiance exuded elegance and sophistication, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. As we explored the resort, one thing became evident – the impeccable service. From the moment we stepped foot on the property, we were greeted with warmth and hospitality, making us feel right at home.

Here are its amenities.

The Ritz-Carlton Santa Barbara offers superb amenities for a relaxing luxury vacation, including:

  • Poolside bar with skilled bartenders serving up delightful drinks
  • Private beach perfect for romantic strolls and quiet contemplation
  • World-class spa with indulgent treatments like:
    • Massages
    • Facials
    • Body wraps
  • State-of-the-art fitness center
  • Luxury retail shop onsite

With stunning ocean views and sophisticated yet comfortable spaces, this resort’s amenities provide the ultimate grandeur.


The Ritz-Carlton Santa Barbara offers delectable dining with culinary options to suit every palate:

  • Elegant oceanfront restaurant featuring fresh local ingredients and seasonal menus
  • Relaxed poolside cafe with delightful California cuisine and cocktails
  • Sophisticated lobby lounge perfect for afternoon tea or pre-dinner drinks
  • In-room dining is available 24/7

With skilled chefs and Sommeliers, the resort’s culinary offerings provide a true culinary journey with the area’s freshest flavors and finest wines.


The Ritz-Carlton Santa Barbara is a true paradise offering luxury and elegance for an unforgettable vacation. This Mediterranean-style resort features:

  • Impeccable service and hospitality
  • Sophisticated decor with grandeur
  • Amenities like the poolside bar and private beach

Room Type                 Starting Price

Oceanview Suite          $899

Club Level Room         $799

With delightful dining and indulgent spa treatments, this seaside oasis promises a taste of heaven and cherished memories.

The Ritz-Carlton Santa Barbara’s stylish accommodations include:

  • Elegant oceanview rooms and suites with romantic amenities like oversized tubs
  • Plush bedding and upscale toiletries for a relaxing stay
  • Sophisticated decor with Mediterranean influences
  • Private balconies to enjoy ocean breezes

Room Type                Amenities

Oceanview Suite    Separate living area, balcony, jetted tub

Club Level              Access to Club Lounge, personal concierge

With stunning views and luxurious details, the resort’s accommodations surround guests in comfort and grandeur.

Besides the superb service, we couldn’t help but praise the delectable culinary offerings. Every meal was a culinary journey, leaving our taste buds wanting more. For the sports enthusiasts, the resort offered top-notch tennis courts, where we indulged in some friendly competition and fitness.

Making Memories with Family in Ritz-Carlton Santa Barbara

The Ritz-Carlton Santa Barbara provides an idyllic setting for quality time with loved ones or focusing on your own business aspirations.

  • Share romantic dinners on the private beach
  • Indulge in couples’ massages at the luxurious spa
  • Attend wellness activities like beachfront yoga
  • Work uninterrupted in elegant accommodations
  • Network with colleagues over cocktails at the poolside lounge

With ample space for both connection and seclusion, the resort allows you to prioritize your relationships and goals. Create cherished memories and nurture your passions at this Mediterranean paradise by the sea.

Richard Uzelac’s Trip Highlight: “A Serenity with Ritz-Carlton Santa Barbara”

However, the most enchanting feature was the view beneath the hotel. It provided an idyllic setting for romantic strolls and quiet contemplation. Our time at Ritz-Carlton, Santa Barbara, was nothing short of magical. The luxury, the ambiance, and the company made it an experience that will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

As we bid goodbye to this paradise, I felt incredibly grateful for the chance to make special memories with our loved ones. In conclusion, Ritz-Carlton, Santa Barbara, offered us a taste of heaven on earth. The lavishness, accompanied by outstanding service, produced a memory that will remain in our hearts indefinitely.

A stay at the Ritz-Carlton Santa Barbara is a luxurious paradise for travelers seeking elegance and indulgence by the sea. With its impeccable service, stylish amenities like the poolside bar and private beach, sophisticated rooms, and world-class dining, this Mediterranean-inspired resort promises unforgettable memories. Guests are surrounded by natural beauty and grandeur that provides a true taste of heaven. It’s the perfect setting for a cherished getaway or romantic retreat along the stunning California coast. Here, luxury and comfort blend seamlessly for a vacation beyond your wildest dreams. And thanks to my dear cousin, my stay was elevated. We got exclusive access to places like the Club Lounge- the sophisticated yet casual vibe and personalized service; the Club Lounge provides an intimate escape within the larger resort to unwind in luxury.

If you’re seeking a destination where luxury meets love, Ritz-Carlton, Santa Barbara, should be at the top of your list. The resort is an oasis of elegance, promising an experience that surpasses all expectations. Richard Uzelac recommends this place. Enchanted rendezvous for unforgettable memories.

San Miguel de Allende City is a place for expatriates

san miguel de allende
san miguel de allende

San Miguel de Allende is renowned for its vibrant and diverse artistic culture. The town boasts a myriad of unique art galleries, souvenir shops, and clothing stores that showcase the talents of local and international artists. Visitors are treated to a feast for the senses as they immerse themselves in the creative atmosphere of San Miguel de Allende. From traditional Mexican artwork to contemporary masterpieces, there is something to captivate every art enthusiast. The town’s commitment to fostering creativity has attracted artists from around the world, further enriching the cultural landscape.

Whether you are an art aficionado or simply appreciate the beauty of artistic expression, San Miguel de Allende offers a truly unforgettable experience.

Is San Miguel de Allende Great for Expatriates in the USA?

San Miguel de Allende is an ideal place for ex-patriots from the USA seeking a safe and beautiful place to call home. The town’s charming and welcoming atmosphere, combined with its stunning natural surroundings, make it an attractive choice for those looking to settle in Mexico.
San Miguel de Allende is a safe and peaceful destination, which is important for planning to be ex-pat like you. The town’s low crime rates and friendly community contribute to a sense of safety and security, allowing ex-patriots to feel comfortable and at ease in their new surroundings..

Moreover, San Miguel de Allende’s beauty is undeniable. With its well-preserved colonial architecture, picturesque streets, and lush landscapes, the town offers a visually captivating environment. The pleasant climate and mild weather add to the overall appeal, providing ex-patriots with a pleasant and comfortable living experience.

Exploring the Artistic Culture of San Miguel de Allende with Richard Uzelac

The Timeless Charm and History of San Miguel de Allende


Steeped in rich history, San Miguel de Allende exudes a timeless charm that captivates both locals and visitors alike. At the beginning of the 20th century, the town faced the threat of becoming a ghost town due to an influenza pandemic. However, it was the arrival of foreign artists that breathed new life into San Miguel de Allende. These artists settled in the town, bringing with them a renewed sense of creativity and artistic expression. Today, San Miguel de Allende stands as a testament to the resilience of its people and the power of art to transform communities. Its historical significance and cultural heritage have earned it the prestigious title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Exploring the streets of San Miguel de Allende is like stepping back in time, as its colonial architecture and cobblestone streets transport visitors to a bygone era.


San Miguel de Allende: A City of Awards and Accolades


San Miguel de Allende has garnered international recognition and received numerous awards and accolades for its beauty and charm. In 2008, the town was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, acknowledging its historical and cultural significance. This prestigious status has only added to its allure, attracting a growing number of tourists from around the world. In 2017, San Miguel de Allende was named the world’s best small city according to the Conde Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards, solidifying its reputation as a must-visit destination. The town’s unique blend of history, art, and enchanting atmosphere continues to captivate travelers and locals alike, making it a perennial favorite among those seeking an authentic Mexican experience. With its remarkable accolades, San Miguel de Allende stands as a shining gem in Mexico’s tourism landscape.


Discovering the Hidden Gems of San Miguel de Allende


While San Miguel de Allende is renowned for its popular attractions, there are also hidden gems waiting to be discovered by intrepid explorers. Beyond the well-known landmarks and bustling streets, the town holds secrets and surprises for those willing to venture off the beaten path. Exploring the lesser-known corners of San Miguel de Allende reveals hidden courtyards, quiet alleys, and quaint shops that offer a glimpse into the local way of life. These hidden gems provide a more intimate and authentic experience, allowing visitors to connect with the true essence of the town. Whether stumbling upon a charming café tucked away in a secluded corner or stumbling upon a local artisan’s workshop, the hidden gems of San Miguel de Allende add an element of surprise and delight to any visit..


Soaking in the Atmosphere of San Miguel de Allende’s Streets


Walking through the streets of San Miguel de Allende is like stepping into a fairytale. The town’s enchanting atmosphere and captivating architecture create a unique sensory experience for visitors. The cobblestone streets wind through narrow alleys, lined with colorful colonial buildings adorned with intricate ironwork and blooming bougainvillea.

Richard Uzelac's Perspective: Why San San Miguel de Allende is a Haven for Retirees

Located in the colonial Highlands region, San San Miguel de Allende has emerged as a sought-after destination for retirees seeking an idyllic and vibrant lifestyle. With its temperate climate, the active ex-pat community, rich cultural traditions, and dedication to the arts, this town offers a perfect picturesque for a fulfilling retirement experience.

San Miguel de Allende delights retirees with its culinary offerings. From local street tacos that cost a mere 75 cents to international cuisine that spans the globe, the town caters to diverse tastes. Savoring exquisite meals in restaurants specializing in Italian, sushi, vegetarian, and gourmet options becomes a regular indulgence. As someone who has a discerning palate, Richard Uzelac can say that San San Miguel de Allende is a culinary haven.

Get to Know The Philippines by Richard Uzelac

The Philippines is an island nation. It is situated on the western part of the “North Pacific Ocean” It’s part of the Southeast Asian countries where you’ll find mountain ranges, fertile valleys, and a beautiful coastline. The Philippines was once ruled by Spain. It later became a United States commonwealth. The country has struggled for its independence from its conquerors, the Spanish, Japanese, and Americans, for more than 380 years. The country finally gained its independence in 1946. Since then, the republic of the Philippines has been its official name. 

The Philippines has always been known for its renowned beaches and its several islands surrounding the Pacific Ocean. It’s in Southeast Asia, situated in the northern part of Malaysia and Indonesia. The Philippines is a popular destination place to visit in Asia. 


The Philippine archipelago is divided into three major Islands, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. 

Each island has its own beautiful style, so no matter where you go, you can never go wrong. 

The climate in the Philippines is tropical and maritime. It is characterized by high temperatures, high humidity, and abundant rainfall. It is similar in many respects to Central American climates.

Beautiful Places in the Philippines by Richard Uzelac


The Visayan Islands are located in the center part of the country, and it’s the smallest group of Islands among the three. One of the coolest places you can find here is Cebu and Bohol. Cebu has many beautiful beaches. Among its famous beaches are Sta Fe Bantayan, Sumilon

 Island, Badian, Daan Bantayan, and Oslob, where you get to enjoy seeing whales. From Cebu, you can go on an hour boat trip and visit the amazing Bohol. A lot of things you can enjoy here, like looking at the beautiful “Chocolate Hills”, walking on the long sandy beaches of Anda, or having a buffet while touring the Loboc River on its floating restaurants 


It is also the biggest island in the archipelago and the most populous. It is the home of the capital city of Manila. The Philippines does not only have breathtaking beaches and world-renowned natural wonders. Manila also has interesting tourist attractions worth checking out, like Rizal Park, the National Museum of Fine Arts, beautiful cathedrals, and great shopping places like Divisoria Market. 

Another island in Luzon is the famous El Nido, Palawan. It’s a secluded island, but it has its own wonderful airport and many amenities. In the Philippines, El Nido in Palawan is highly recommended by locals and international travelers because of its pristine white sand beaches, limestone cliffs, and lagoons.


Located in the south of the country, the Mindanao island group consists largely of mountainous terrain. It is the second largest group of islands among the three. A few of Mindanao’s most breathtaking tourist spots, as well as some of the most breathtaking places to visit in the Philippines, including the laid-back surfing hotspot known as Siargao Island, the tropical beaches on Samal Island, the secluded and beautiful island of Camiguin, which has white sand beaches, and the numerous waterfalls in Iligan.

“Only In The Philippines” – Richard Uzelac

Will you be able to discover – a place that radiates happiness from its people, its culture, its cuisine, and its unique tourist spots. Filipinos are known for their resilience and positivity. Once hit by a big storm, Yolanda, yet can still find people smiling across the streets even though they’ve lost their homes. Filipinos value family, and most of the population is Christian Catholic. Since its Spanish Colonizers reigned in 1521, it has become the predominant religion. Languages vary here, but the national language is called Tagalog. Luzon mostly speaks Tagalog, while other places have their own dialects. 

Travel Trips When You Visit the Philippines

  1. Plan your visit. Avoid jumping into many flights and get a direct flight to your destination. Check out the nearest airport close to the location on your bucket list. 
  2. It’s always best to bring a companion on your trip. Whether you have someone to bring along from your place or book from a tourist agency when hopping on to different locations in the Philippines. 
  3. Filipinos can understand English and they’re friendly so don’t be afraid to approach anyone.
  4. When going to places outside the metropolitan area, always bring along a little bit of extra cash, as there are not so many atm machines. 
  5. You can enjoy so many cheap foods from local restaurants called “Carenderias”. These are more preferred to eating fast food. (They don’t accept cards, only cash)
  6. The Philippines being a third world country, comes with vexing problems like poor hospital facilities.

What are Filipinos like?

Education is important to Filipinos. Children here attend elementary school when they are six or seven. Children are taught English along with its respective dialects and national language, Tagalog. 

Filipinos are very friendly and hospitable. This is a common trait amongst all people in the Philippines. Hospitality is a huge part of their culture, so don’t be surprised if you see locals helping out strangers with directions or “Only in the Philippines”, where you can see the friendliest in Asia. 

Richard Uzelac’s Guide to the Big Island of Hawaii and Other Islands in Hawaii

Richard Uzelac, Haleiwa Hawaii, coast of Island Cliffs and Surf
A picture of

If you are looking to find out about Hawaii. I could definitely go over and tell you the story about it, particularly about the beautiful big Island and its other Islands. So here we go. Hawaii is named after the Hawai’iloa – a legendary figure from Hawaiian myth who was said to be the first to discover the islands. As time went on, after battles from 1780 to 1790s, all the islands were subjugated under one ruler, known as King Kamehameha the Great, and the rest is history, I strainedly say.

Hawaii has four main Islands: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii Island, or “The Big Island”. I’ve been to Hawaii over 60 times. I built a home there in 2003.

Oahu: The Most Crowded and Big City Like by Richard Uzelac

This is the most populous Island among the rest. It’s like you’re visiting Tenessee, the 15th most populous state, or like New York. Oahu is also the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands. The island of Oahu and the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands makes the consolidated City and County of Honolulu. This place is nicknamed “The Gathering Place” for sure. It got its nickname from how populous it is. While the most common reason why people would love to visit Hawaii is the beaches, but between the crowd and beaches in Oahu, what’s famous here are scuba diving, helicopter tour, and hiking. Long before, after a hard week of working as an aircraft controller, my friends and I would take off from California every time we take our off from work. It was fun and amazing! Lets start with Kaneohe. A place located in the City and County of Honolulu. For most of the residents of Kaneohe, as we descend the east section of the island, they are like what’s the point to be here it’s like you’re back in California but on a condensed scale, It has its long bay like the Bay Area, California with its big body of water and sandy beach. It’s a nice little town and what makes it beautiful is that it is all happening on a condensed scale. There are a lot of restaurants to dine in and enjoy shopping. You can do all these fun stuff with just a few miles and reset from the hustle and bustle in the city. 

Big Island ‘Hawaii’ Richard Uzelac’s Favorite.

Big Island ‘Hawaii’ is my favorite. I built a home there in the 2000s. Have friends and family there and go there the most. Most microclimates and has the highest number of active volcanoes. It is estimated that Hawaii has five major volcanoes that are considered active and four of which are already in Big Islands. So Richard Uzelac gets to enjoy his fair share of seeing volcanoes. Now lets start with  Kailua-Kona  As the name implies, Kailua-Kona is an unincorporated community and a census-designated place (CDP) in Hawaii County and also known as Kailua which is the same name as its shared community in the windward side of Oahu. Kona has a lot of access to great shops and dining. One of the top hikes you can take while on Big Island is Kīlauea Iki Crater Trail located in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park on the Kona side of the island. This trail offers unparalleled views of an active volcano and is perfect for beginners looking to challenge themselves with a great view of the crater and a chance at seeing lava flowing into the ocean. Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park is located on the west coast of Big Island. It is one of the best places in “Big Island Hawaii”. About the park, it is said to be “The place of Refuge”. And there’s just something so peaceful and beautiful about this place I can’t even describe it- perhaps calling it Richard Uzelac’s Refuge Place. This is a must-see spot on the Island whether you’re a history buff or not. Regardless, you can definitely immerse yourself in Hawaiian Culture. There is so much to share about Big Island Hawaii but I’m done scoping up on my favorite island and it’s time for you to do some research as it’s gonna be more exciting to view from the tour guides perspective! Definitely a worth visiting place now let’s get on to..

Richard Uzelac Loves This Small Beautiful, and Fun Island: Maui

This is a place that I have to see again. I had so much amazing time with my friends on this island. Once you get to Kahului Airport, grab your bags and take the bus uber or taxi into town to pick up your rental car. While you need to stay focused on your itinerary, you may want to consider taking it easy and checking out some of Maui’s famous beaches along the way to soak up some Hawaiian vibes. My trip to Maui was short but very sweet. I found myself in paradise with my best friend and we decided to explore the south shore of Maui. There are so many great things to do and see in this area of the island. From beautiful beaches to waterfalls, it is the perfect place to relax and unwind.


Kauai: the Garden Island, Oldest but Least Built Up. 

Kauai: the Garden Island, Oldest but Least Built Up. 

There’s so much to do and see around Kauai let me, Richard Uzelac show you around! Kauai is the second oldest of the Hawaiian islands, but it’s also one of the least built up. That provides a unique opportunity to see things up close from the regular Hawaiian now like how they speak. Kauaʻi was known for its distinct dialect.

This island has a unique geography and a tranquil atmosphere. It is a circular island, so it is best to look at it like a compass. one thing about it is you have to spend so much on gas to get around the island because most of it is out of the way and there’s so much of it. most of the people who live on this island are from off-islands and own a vacation homes there that they use on weekends or vacations like honeymoon. It has a very beautiful mountains and waterfalls and is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and is known for its natural beauty. You can enjoy an unforgettable evening awaits you as you bask in the splendor of Kauai’s Na Pali Coast in the company of friends and family here.

The Day Richard Uzelac Didn’t Die on Kauai 

Short story: I was swimming in a resort’s protected lagoon, snorkling, following a sea turtle. It was so tranquil following and watching the beautiful turtle swim effortlessly before me with the Sun’s rays dancing over his shell and all around him.
I was so entranced I didn’t notice how dark the water had become, and how deep the ground was below me. In a few more minutes, while swimming further into the see, the floor of the ocean disappeared into an inky blackness below me. The water was markedly colder, the surface waves more rough.
All of a sudden the turtle vanished in a split second, speeding down into the blackness as if he too was becoming afraid.
I raised my head and spun around in place. I was a couple hundred yards out into the deep dark ocean. I had swam through the narrow protected keyhole of the man-made circular lagoon, created to keep vacationers safe from the ocean’s more dangerous species. 

While I dropped my head to see if the turtle had returned I began to hear a loud thumping sound above me. It was so loud and strange I thought it was other worldly. I raised my head to see.

Above me was a Coast Guard helicopter! It was just about 30 feet above me and it’s rotor wind was flattening the waves around me and creating a spray of ocean water like a mini tornado with me as the center of the tornado. 

I was dumbfounded. Their was a soldier in the helicoptor pointing at me and then pointing back to the lagoon, 200 yards away! I was at first angry at being told to leave the ocean, but then….

It took just a few seconds for me to figure it out: There was something sinister in the water, and it was interested in me as it’s next meal: Tiger Shark!

All at once i started swimming fast towards the keyhole, and safety. I remembered that sharks are attracted to erratic movement in the water, so I made a special effort to swim fast, but strong and smooth as I could.
As fast as I was swimming, the helicopter tornado was still all around me: The pilot was escorting me back to the safe lagoon, he obviously things I’m in grave danger. I was.

Once getting back through the keyhole passageway from dark deep ocean, to shallow clear warm-watered white sand bottom lagoon, I was tapped on my back by a life guard who had swam out to meet me. 

He was actually laughing, “Hey Dude! You were totally be circled by two 14-foot Tiger Sharks! I saw their fins and called the Coast Guard to save your ass!”

That day, and that night were the most carefree of my life. I smiled at everything. The grass was greener, the women were lovelier, the sky bluer. That night I bought a round of drinks for everyone at the poolside Tiki Hut bar, and I toasted and said ‘Mahalo’ to Tiger Sharks for not eating me, and the men who probably saved my life. 

I hope you enjoyed my short tour of the Islands of Hawaï! I have been lucky enough to travel to many amazing places in my lifetime, but Hawaii holds a special place for me in my heart.


Richard Uzelac