Get to Know The Philippines by Richard Uzelac

The Philippines is an island nation. It is situated on the western part of the “North Pacific Ocean” It’s part of the Southeast Asian countries where you’ll find mountain ranges, fertile valleys, and a beautiful coastline. The Philippines was once ruled by Spain. It later became a United States commonwealth. The country has struggled for its independence from its conquerors, the Spanish, Japanese, and Americans, for more than 380 years. The country finally gained its independence in 1946. Since then, the republic of the Philippines has been its official name. 

The Philippines has always been known for its renowned beaches and its several islands surrounding the Pacific Ocean. It’s in Southeast Asia, situated in the northern part of Malaysia and Indonesia. The Philippines is a popular destination place to visit in Asia. 


The Philippine archipelago is divided into three major Islands, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. 

Each island has its own beautiful style, so no matter where you go, you can never go wrong. 

The climate in the Philippines is tropical and maritime. It is characterized by high temperatures, high humidity, and abundant rainfall. It is similar in many respects to Central American climates.

Beautiful Places in the Philippines by Richard Uzelac


The Visayan Islands are located in the center part of the country, and it’s the smallest group of Islands among the three. One of the coolest places you can find here is Cebu and Bohol. Cebu has many beautiful beaches. Among its famous beaches are Sta Fe Bantayan, Sumilon

 Island, Badian, Daan Bantayan, and Oslob, where you get to enjoy seeing whales. From Cebu, you can go on an hour boat trip and visit the amazing Bohol. A lot of things you can enjoy here, like looking at the beautiful “Chocolate Hills”, walking on the long sandy beaches of Anda, or having a buffet while touring the Loboc River on its floating restaurants 


It is also the biggest island in the archipelago and the most populous. It is the home of the capital city of Manila. The Philippines does not only have breathtaking beaches and world-renowned natural wonders. Manila also has interesting tourist attractions worth checking out, like Rizal Park, the National Museum of Fine Arts, beautiful cathedrals, and great shopping places like Divisoria Market. 

Another island in Luzon is the famous El Nido, Palawan. It’s a secluded island, but it has its own wonderful airport and many amenities. In the Philippines, El Nido in Palawan is highly recommended by locals and international travelers because of its pristine white sand beaches, limestone cliffs, and lagoons.


Located in the south of the country, the Mindanao island group consists largely of mountainous terrain. It is the second largest group of islands among the three. A few of Mindanao’s most breathtaking tourist spots, as well as some of the most breathtaking places to visit in the Philippines, including the laid-back surfing hotspot known as Siargao Island, the tropical beaches on Samal Island, the secluded and beautiful island of Camiguin, which has white sand beaches, and the numerous waterfalls in Iligan.

“Only In The Philippines” – Richard Uzelac

Will you be able to discover – a place that radiates happiness from its people, its culture, its cuisine, and its unique tourist spots. Filipinos are known for their resilience and positivity. Once hit by a big storm, Yolanda, yet can still find people smiling across the streets even though they’ve lost their homes. Filipinos value family, and most of the population is Christian Catholic. Since its Spanish Colonizers reigned in 1521, it has become the predominant religion. Languages vary here, but the national language is called Tagalog. Luzon mostly speaks Tagalog, while other places have their own dialects. 

Travel Trips When You Visit the Philippines

  1. Plan your visit. Avoid jumping into many flights and get a direct flight to your destination. Check out the nearest airport close to the location on your bucket list. 
  2. It’s always best to bring a companion on your trip. Whether you have someone to bring along from your place or book from a tourist agency when hopping on to different locations in the Philippines. 
  3. Filipinos can understand English and they’re friendly so don’t be afraid to approach anyone.
  4. When going to places outside the metropolitan area, always bring along a little bit of extra cash, as there are not so many atm machines. 
  5. You can enjoy so many cheap foods from local restaurants called “Carenderias”. These are more preferred to eating fast food. (They don’t accept cards, only cash)
  6. The Philippines being a third world country, comes with vexing problems like poor hospital facilities.

What are Filipinos like?

Education is important to Filipinos. Children here attend elementary school when they are six or seven. Children are taught English along with its respective dialects and national language, Tagalog. 

Filipinos are very friendly and hospitable. This is a common trait amongst all people in the Philippines. Hospitality is a huge part of their culture, so don’t be surprised if you see locals helping out strangers with directions or “Only in the Philippines”, where you can see the friendliest in Asia. 

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